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S.W.I.F.T. Telex Field Definitions  
Number SWIFT Field 700/701 Definitions SWIFT Field Explanation
:700 Issue Of Doc Credit Type of transmission
:20 Doc Credit Number Credit number assigned by the issuing bank
:21 Receiver's Reference  
:23 Reference Top Pre-Advise  
:26E Number Of Amendments Number of Amendments
:27 Sequence Of Total Page number of total pages
:30 Date Contact Agreed / Amended Date Amended
:31C Issue Date The date the letter of credit is issued
:31D Date And Place Of Expiry The date the letter of credit expires
:31E Maturity Date  
:32B Currency / Amount The currency and value of the Credit
:39A Percentage Credit Amount Tolerance  
:39B Maximum Credit Amount  
:39C Additional Amounts Covered Additional amounts covered
:40A Form Of Doc Credit Irrevocable and/or transferable
:41A Available With ...By  
:41D Available With / By Bank the Credit is available to be paid by
:42C Drafts At Sight or days after sight for payment
:42A Drawee Bank the draft is drawn on
:42M Mixed Payment Details  
:42P Deferred Payment Details Deferred payment details
:43P Partial Shipments Partial shipments allowed or not allowed
:43T Transshipment Transshipments allowed or not allowed
:44A Loading on Board / Dispatch / Taking in Charge at / From Commercial port loading from
:44B For Transport To Destination commercial port
:44C Latest Shipment Date Last date shipment letter of credit is valid for
:44D Shipment Period  
:45 Goods Goods to be delivered
:45A Description Of Goods And/Or Services Goods description
:46 Documents Required  
:46A Documents Required Documents required for payment
:47 Additional Conditions  
:47A Additional Conditions Additional requirements of the letter of credit
:47B Additional Conditions Additional conditions to be complied with
:48 Period For Presentation Of Documents Number of days after shipment allowed for document presentation
:49 Confirmation Instructions Confirmation by the paying bank is allowed or not allowed
:50 Applicant The Applicant (usually the buyer) of the Letter of Credit.
:50 Ordering Customer Ordering customer
:51A Applicant Bank  
:51D Sending Institution Sending Institution
:53A Reimbursement Bank Paying bank to negotiating bank
:53D Reimbursement Reimbursement instructions between the paying and issuing bank
:57A "Advise Through" Bank  
:57D Account With Bank Issuing banks account relationship bank
:59 Beneficiary The Beneficiary (usually the seller) of the Letter of Credit.
:71B Charges Applicant and Beneficiary responsibility for bank charges
:72 Sender To Receiver Information Send and Receive information
:78 Instructions To Pay / Accept / Negotiating Bank Instructions to paying, accepting, or negotiating bank
:79 Narrative  
I/O Instead Of  
Standardised message formats for Collections, Documentary Credits and Guarantees and related messages defined by SWIFT.
MT400 Advice of Payment under a Collection  
MT410 Acknowledgement of Receipt of a Collection  
MT412 Advice of Acceptance under a Collection  
MT422 Advice of Fate and Request for Instructions of a Collection  
MT430 Amendment of Instructions of a Collection  
MT700 Issue of a Documentary Credit  
MT701 Continuation of MT700  
MT705 Pre-Advice of a Documentary Credit  
MT707 Amendment to a Documentary Credit  
MT710 Advice of a Third Bank's Documentary Credit  
MT711 continuation of MT710  
MT720 Transfer of a Documentary Credit  
MT721 Continuation of MT720  
MT730 Acknowledgement of the receipt of a Documentary Credit  
MT732 Advice of Discharge stating that documents with discrepancies have been taken up
MT734 Advice of Refusal of documents under a Documentary Credit  
MT740 Authorization to Reimburse  
MT742 Reimbursement Claim  
MT747 Amendment to an Authorization to Reimburse  
MT750 Advice of Discrepancy  
MT752 Authorization to Pay Accept or Negotiate  
MT754 Advice of Payment, Acceptance or Negotiation  
MT756 Advice of Reimbursement or Payment  
MT760 Issue of or the request for the issue of a Guarantee  
MT767 Guarantee Amendment  
MT768 Acknowledgement of a Guarantee Message  
MT769 Advice of reduction or Release of a Guarantee  


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